What is the best home security system?

Eager to get your hands on the best home security system in the UK?

To help you discover the best security system for your home, our expert team of qualified electricians have put together a list of the top 10 home alarm systems in the UK.

Featuring big brand names such as ADT, Ring, and SimpliSafe, there’s plenty of outstanding options to help keep your home safe and secure.

What to look for in a home security system

When exploring some of the best home security system options, it’s important to consider three key elements – budget, reliability, and customer support.


The cost of a security system varies vastly depending on the degree of monitoring and protection you require. Not only will the price of the system itself differ depending on its features, functionality, and degree of cover, but monthly fees for professional monitoring services and maintenance can come as unexpected additions to ongoing expenses for your security system.


Reliability is one of the most crucial components of any good security system. You need to be able to trust your security system as well as the provider and monitoring company to ensure consistent and effective safeguarding. Wired systems with battery back-ups designed and monitored by an experienced and trusted provided can offer the best of both worlds.


Knowing that support is available to you when you need it can make a massive difference to customer satisfaction. With this added reassurance, you can enjoy greater peace of mind and benefit from an even better user experience. As a result, you may want to consider security systems that come with a monitoring service and 24/7 support, despite the higher price tag.

Which is the best home security system?

The best home security system for your property will vary depending on your home alarm requirements such as the size of your home and budget. For example, individuals living in a rented property will often need to opt for a wireless alarm system as a hardwired system will require wires to be run behind walls and under flooring.

Similarly, your budget for home security will also influence the best type of home alarm system for your property. This is because smart, monitored, and wireless options tend be more expensive than wired, self-monitored, and hybrid home security systems. However, not everyone can afford (or wants to be!) monitored by a third-party security company 24/7.

What are the top 10 home alarm systems in the UK?

Ultimately, while there’s no objective ‘best home security system’, there are still plenty of reliable and affordable options that come highly rated.

To help you determine which home alarm systems are worth exploring, we list our top 10 home alarm systems in the UK below.

ADT Burglar Alarm Package

Boasting touch screen control, ADT Smart Services app compatibility, and around-the-clock monitoring from ADT’s dedicated alarm centre, the ADT Burglar Alarm Package provides excellent home security. Featuring six key components, this entry-level kit is ideal for a variety of home sizes.

How much does an ADT alarm system cost?

According to the Independent, an ADT alarm system will cost at least £199, not including any installation fees. It’s also important to bear in mind that these systems come complete with a monitoring service as standard that starts at £35.99 for a 36-month minimum contract. These monitoring costs will also be increased if you require police monitoring.

Ring Alarm, Doorbell and Camera Pack

You’ll always know who’s at your front door with this easy-install Ring home security kit. Composed of an alarm, doorbell, and camera, you’ll benefit from two-way talk, advanced motion detection, and 1080p HD video. Regardless of whether you’re home or not, you’ll always know whether an intruder is around.

SimpliSafe The Essentials

Boasting thousands of rave reviews, this kit comes with an indoor camera, keypad (including a reassuring panic button), motion sensor, base station, and three entry sensors. Complete with effortless installation and battery backup, this house alarm will stay activated even in the event of a power outage.

Abode Smart Security Kit

With the ability to connect up to 160 different devices (including lightbulbs and voice assistants), this Abode kit is well-suited to tech-savvy individuals searching for a flexible home security system. Designed to be self-installed, this kit can also be connected to the internet using an ethernet cable for a more secure connection.

Verisure The SVK

The SVK stands for ‘Siren, Voice, Keypad’ comprehensively explaining that you get three security features in this one handy device. Featuring a two-way full duplex communications system, SOS function, and Bluetooth capabilities, this Verisure house alarm is designed to effectively deter intruders and give you peace of mind.

How much is a Verisure alarm?

The Independent found that the essential Verisure alarm starts at £199 and this price tag includes installation costs. There are also two more Verisure home security system packages that cost roughly £350 and £599, both with professional installation fee included.

Like ADT, Verisure also provide a monitoring service as standard which starts at £32 for a 6-month minimum contract. For your peace of mind, all maintenance costs are also included in this monthly fee.

Can you use a Verisure alarm without a subscription?

Yes, it is possible to cancel the Verisure alarm monitoring subscription service, but still retain the products. This will, however, cost you a one-off fee of £99.

Yale Sync Home Security System 11 Piece Kit

This award-winning home alarm kit from Yale allows you to check-in no matter where you are in the world and receive real-time alerts. Complete with live stream, secure encryption, and a 104dB external siren, this impressive kit can even be connected to other smart devices such as Amazon Alexa and Philips Hue lighting!

Texecom Premier Elite Fully Featured Burglar Alarm Kit

Ideal for any modern home, this Texecom alarm kit features a remote keypad with Proximity keytags, ensuring the alarm can be quickly and easily armed even when you’re in a rush to leave the house. With many options to explore, you can tailor this burglar alarm to suit both the appearance and practical security requirements of your home.

Hive Window or Door Sensor

While not a fully-fledged home security system, this affordable Hive sensor is a great way to enjoy easy and affordable peace of mind. When it’s installed on a door or window in your home, you’ll receive an alert straight to your smartphone, tablet, or Apple watch.

ERA HomeGuard Pro Smart Home Alarm System

A fully integrated cloud-based smart home alarm system, the ERA HomeGuard Pro lets you grant, time, and take away, access to your property no matter where you are. Featuring a personalised alert log, easy setup using a smartphone, and the ability to integrate with other ERA smart products, this system is a popular choice for homeowners.

Swann Home Security Alert Kit (SWIFI-ALARMKITA)

This Swann bundle (composed of Wi-Fi alert sensors and a siren) makes protecting your home even easier. With no hub required, speedy installation, auto triggers, and an indoor siren that lights up and emits a loud alert, you’ll benefit from effortless control while any intruders should be scared away in an instant.

Which is the best home alarm system for me?

Scouring our top ten list to find the best home security system for your home or business, but unsure which one will meet your specific needs? Fortunately, the expert team here at Homefront Electrical can help to simplify your search by highlighting the best budget, smart home, and comprehensive security systems from our top 10 home alarm systems.

Best home security system for those on a budget

If you’re looking for a relatively simple, affordable, and easy-to-install security system, then we recommend that you consider either the Swann Home Security Alert Kit, the Hive Window or Door sensor, or the Ring Alarm, Doorbell and Camera Pack.

Each one of these budget-friendly home security systems are quick to install, ensuring you can benefit from a sense of security as soon as possible. This makes them ideal if you’ve just moved into a new property with no existing home alarm or are trying to stick to a strict budget.

Best home security system for smart homes

Keen on connectivity? With a smart home system, you can keep on eye on your home no matter where you are. Some of the top smart home security system solutions on our list includes the ERA HomeGuard Pro Smart Home Alarm System, the Abode Smart Security System, and the 11-piece Yale Sync Home Security System.

Allowing you to connect seamlessly with a wide range of other smart home devices, these security systems are well-suited to individuals that value convenience, energy-efficiency, and functionality. These smart home systems can also offer improved safety with remote monitoring and real-time alerts straight to your phone.

Best home security for complete security

If you’re searching for a home security system that offers complete protection and reassurance, then you’ll want to consider some of the more comprehensive home alarm systems. This includes the Texecom Premier Elite Fully Featured Burglar Alarm Kit, the Verisure SVK Set, the Simplisafe Essentials Kit, and the ADT Burglar Alarm Package.

While these systems can come with a higher price tag, they do offer a wide range of handy security features and functions to give you total peace of mind. From keypads and panic buttons to battery back-ups and hubs, their sheer range of capabilities makes them a popular choice for homes and businesses alike.

The best home security system installation

If you’re looking for the best home security system in Stockport as well as an expert team of professional electricians to install it, choose Homefront Electrical.

Offering unmatched electrical support and guidance for domestic, commercial, and even industrial properties, we operate across Greater Manchester, Stockport, and the North-West area.

 With 30 years of combined experience, reasonable prices, and updated qualifications, the Homefront Electrical team can help you to choose the best home security system to suit your specific requirements.

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