Best smart security systems for 2024

Considering installing a smart security system to improve the way you protect your home or business? Before you snap up the first system you find, we recommend spending a little longer choosing the perfect smart security system that meets your specific requirements.

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However, figuring out which smart security system is right for you isn’t always straightforward. Fortunately, the team of qualified and highly experienced electricians at Homefront Electrical are here to help.

With decades of experience fitting both bell-only home alarms as well as comprehensive smart security systems, we explain some of the various benefits of opting for a smart security system below.

If you’re attracted to the many advantages offered by a smart security system, then you’re in luck – the Homefront Electrical team also identify some of the best smart security systems currently on the market to help you choose the right smart property protection solution for you!

What does a smart security system do?

Designed to help protect properties from potential intruders, a smart security system is a collection of various security components that are connected to one another using the internet. This system might feature CCTV cameras, a central control panel, and a burglar alarm system, for example.

However, some more comprehensive smart security systems may also include a variety of door and window sensors and even smart lights. Thanks to the internet connection that supports remote access, users can monitor the property more closely and take swifter action when necessary.

The homeowner or business owner is often able to view live footage of the property via a suitable smartphone application. They will also be instantly notified when any connected alarms have been activated, have convenient remote access to the system.

Why get a smart security system rather than a traditional alarm?

Weighing up whether it’s worth investing your hard-earned money in a smart security system? While both traditional and smart security systems can offer users peace of mind and potentially lower insurance premiums or discounts, smart solutions have their own advantages.

Allows remote access

Keen to keep an eye on your home or business while you’re away? With a smart security system, you can receive real-time movement alerts and notifications, watch live footage, and even enable or disable alarms from afar.

Provides a pro-active approach

Unlike traditional alarms that may only sound following an active break-in, this pro-active approach supports the swift resolution of security issues before they’ve even happened.

Regardless of whether that means notifying the authorities about a break-in or giving you a chance to lock your doors, it can be essential to limiting damage.

Supports home automation

Setting the intruder alarm every time you leave your home or business can be overlooked, leaving your property more vulnerable to potential break-ins. A smart security system, however, can help you to automate this process, thereby preventing your property from being accidentally left unmonitored.

Boasts smart home capabilities

Are you a fan of all things smart home? From smart keyless locks and security cameras to smart lighting and thermostats, this type of security system is another way that you can effortlessly run and monitor your home.

Quick, easy, and energy-efficient, these smart security solutions are ideal for busy homes and businesses that are keen to cut costs without compromising on quality.

Detects other important issues

Unlike traditional bell-only intruder alarms, a smart security system can be tailored to detect a wide range of costly and dangerous issues before they pose a more serious threat to your family or business.

From detecting carbon monoxide gas and fires to spotting water damage and leaks, early alerts can not only save you time and money, but potentially save your life.

Best smart security systems for 2024

To help you determine which smart security system is most suitable for safeguarding your property, we explore five of the best smart security system solutions currently available.

Featuring well-known and trusted names including the likes of ADT and SimpliSafe, there are plenty of reliable and high-quality options to choose between.

ADT Smart Alarm System

Composed of an ADT bell box and touch screen Smart Home Hub alarm panel, this ADT smart security system boasts the latest updates in security technology as well as bank-level encryption to help protect your data.

Providing you with access to ADT Smart Services, you can enable the alarm, capture footage, and activate security routines with ease using either your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Designed for residential properties, users will also be able to tailor their package to include wireless door contacts, PIR motion sensors, Wi-Fi cameras, and video doorbells as necessary or desired.

SimpliSafe ‘The Edinburgh’ Home Security System

Featuring both a water sensor and temperature sensor as well as SimpliSafe’s most accurate motion detector yet, a selection of entry sensors and cameras, this smart security system is ideal for helping you to avoid home emergencies.

While the water sensor can detect leaks and potential floods, the temperature sensor will alert you if your home drops below 5°C, thereby preventing frozen pipes and expensive water damage.

Alerts are delivered straight to your smartphone, tablet, or computer to keep you always updated. Complete with a convenient key fob, simply press a button to disarm the alarm.

Ring Alarm, Doorbell, and Indoor Camera (2nd Gen)

Keen to see and talk to visitors no matter where you are? Receive real-time alerts with this Ring security system. Including clear 1080p HD Video and a Two-Way Talk Ring Video Doorbell, you can see who’s knocking on your door regardless of whether you’re away on holiday or in the bath.

This straightforward set comes with one motion detector and one contact sensor, and is therefore ideal for protecting smaller homes and apartments. Finished with a loud outdoor siren, this system won’t allow intruders to go unnoticed.

With this smart security system, you can even connect the alarm to compatible devices including Alexa to ensure comprehensive protection and effortless control.

Abode Smart Security Kit

Wireless and easy to install, this smart security system from Abode has been designed with the avid DIY-er in mind. It can be easily connected to up to 160 smart home products, including Alexa, Yale, Hue Philips, and Google Assistant devices.

While no tools or wiring is required to install this system, it can be securely connected to your internet using an ethernet for greater reassurance.

Composed of a hub with an internal 93db siren, motion sensor, two sensors for doors or windows, and a key fob, it has everything you need to enjoy greater peace of mind.

Verisure’s The SVK: Siren, Voice, Keypad

This siren, voice, keypad combo from Verisure offers fantastic smart security for a wide range of properties. Boasting the latest cutting-edge security technology, this alarm automatically links to Verisure’s control centre when activated, allowing them to take action when you need it.

Also featuring a two-way VoicePad, powerful built-in siren, and a handy keypad with customisable smart features, users have a variety of tools at their disposal when it comes to protecting what matters most.

How much does a smart security system cost?

Keen to install a smart security system, but unsure how much it’ll cost? According to information supplied by Checkatrade, the starting price to both supply and fit a smart alarm system (composed of two sensors and one door contact) in the UK is £650.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that this is just a ballpark average figure, and the exact cost will naturally vary depending on the type of smart security system as well as your chosen alarm installation company.

Ongoing costs related to your smart security system will also be increased if you opt for a third-party monitoring service or maintenance package. For a more accurate idea of how much the supply and installation of your smart security system will cost, please feel free to contact our knowledgeable team.

Smart security system installations with Homefront Electrical

Choosing the right smart security system for your home can be difficult as there are so many factors to consider – including quality, price, monitoring options, and installation method. For expert advice, look no further than Homefront Electrical.

Working to the latest British Standards and regulations, our experienced team offer vital burglar alarm supply and fit services, as well as being able to carry out alarm design, repair, and maintenance work.

Based in Stockport, the Homefront Electrical team have fitted both residential and commercial properties across the North West of the UK with reassuring burglar alarms.

Covering key areas in the North West such as Greater Manchester, Stockport, and Cheshire, you can rely on us for annual inspections as well as seamless burglar alarm installations.

To learn more about the best smart security system for your home or business, or to book a burglar alarm service with our professional team, please feel free to get in touch today. You can discuss your specific smart security system requirements with our Stockport team by simply calling us on 0161 989 5671. Alternatively, you can also send us your enquiry via email to or reach out using our handy online contact form

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