Is burglar alarm installation worth it?

Unsure whether burglar alarm installation is actually worth it?

From the cost of an intruder alarm to the price of burglar alarm installation and monitoring services, it can be difficult to weigh up these practical considerations against the benefits of a home security system.

Luckily, the experienced team at Homefront Electrical can help you to determine whether installing a burglar alarm is the right decision when it comes to protecting your property.

Below, we explain whether installing a burglar alarm is a good idea, the advantages of installing a burglar alarm system, and the various considerations of burglar alarm installation that you should bear in mind before getting started.

Do you need to be an electrician to install a burglar alarm?

While some wireless burglar alarm systems can often be easily self-installed (especially if you’re a competent DIY-er), wired systems will typically require professional installation by a qualified electrician.

Similarly, if you want a smart finish, opting for a professional can save you plenty of repair jobs if you’re not confident about your DIY capabilities.

Can I install my own burglar alarm system?

Whether you can or cannot install your own burglar alarm system will depend on two key factors – the type of burglar alarm you have your sights set on and your competence with drilling and wiring.

Many wireless burglar alarms can be easily fitted around your home and won’t require invasive work or significant DIY skills.

More complex, wired intruder alarm systems, on the other hand, should be installed by an electrician – especially if you have minimal DIY skills and experience.

Rather than risk drilling one too many holes, damaging existing wiring, or breaking your new alarm system, we recommend reaching out to the professionals.

What is the difference between wireless and wired burglar alarm installation? 

There are three key differences between the installation of wireless and wired burglar alarms – cost, time, and expertise. To help you determine whether a wireless or wired burglar alarm is right for your property, we explore some of these crucial installation differences in more detail below.


Generally, the installation of a wired burglar alarm is significantly more expensive than the wireless alternative. This is because you’re paying for additional materials like the cable, clips, and trunking, as well as the higher level of expertise and time it takes for a professional electrician to fit this type of alarm.

The installation of a wireless burglar alarm, on the other hand, is often quicker and therefore less expensive if carried out by a professional. Similarly, these wireless alarms are often designed to be quick and easy to fit, meaning they don’t always require professional burglar alarm installation, saving you additional labour fees.


As mentioned above, wireless burglar alarms are often much faster to install than wired systems as they’re less complex and have no physical wires. As a result, if you’ve just moved into a property and require speedy protection, a wireless burglar alarm may be a better option – especially if you can install it yourself in a matter of minutes.

Wired burglar alarms, however, can take hours to install due to the time involved in routing and hiding the alarm cables. While we don’t recommend installing your own wired burglar alarm, this process can be even longer if you decide to attempt wired burglar alarm installation yourself without the relevant knowledge, tools, qualifications, or experience.


Although wireless burglar alarms can be installed by a professional, they typically don’t require as much expertise to fit as there are no physical wires and these systems are designed to be straightforward to install. It’s for this reason that many wireless burglar alarms are fitted by DIY-savvy homeowners instead of professionals.

Wired burglar alarms, on the other hand, can be far more complex as they require connecting to existing electric lines and significant planning to ensure all the components are placed in the correct position. It’s therefore always safest for an electrician with burglar alarm installation experience to fit a wired burglar alarm.

Things to consider when installing a burglar alarm

When it comes to installing a burglar alarm, you need to consider which key entry points you want to monitor, whether you have the right tools and experience for the job, and what you want to protect.

If you have a large home with multiple entry points, then you’ll either want to purchase a burglar alarm system with more sensors or decide which entrances require the most protection or monitoring.

External doors or windows that allow access to children’s bedroom or rooms with private information or valuables (such as your home office or bedroom), will often need the most protection.

Similarly, you should also consider whether the burglar alarm system you’ve chosen is scalable to ensure it provides adequate security to meet your needs.

Initially, you may decide that only the front door or your property should have a sensor in order to save money on a full intruder alarm system. However, you may decide to cover other areas and entry points around your home in the future when you have the available funds, hence the system needs to be easily scalable.

Burglar alarm installation can also require significant wiring knowledge and the right tools to ensure they’re properly installed.

Most systems, even if they’re wireless, smart, or advertised as ‘DIYer-friendly’, will often require a ladder, drill, strippers, crimpers, screwdrivers, and test equipment.

What are the benefits of installing a burglar alarm?

The biggest benefit of burglar alarm installation is peace of mind and reassurance that your property (and everything within it!) is safe when you’re not around. However, there are many advantages to protecting your home or business with a burglar alarm – we explore these key benefits in more detail below.

Proactively deters intruders

First and foremost, these home alarm systems are designed to deter intruders from even stepping foot onto your property helping you to take a proactive rather than reactive approach to your home security.

In many cases, burglars will see an opportunity to break in and take advantage of this vulnerability. Similarly, they will also avoid properties that are likely to attract attention as this is likely to lead to them to being caught.

Having a burglar alarm clearly installed and signposted on the outside of your home can therefore deter a burglary before it even happens.

Protects your valuables

A burglar alarm is essential to scaring away intruders as they’re aware that the alarm will notify yourself, neighbours, and even the police or a third-party monitoring service that your home has been broken into.

The sounding of the burglar alarm therefore limits the intruder’s window of opportunity, making it less likely that they’ll have time to get their hands on your valuables or damage your home further.

Provides peace of mind

Regardless of whether you’re heading off on a long holiday or frequently travel for business, a burglar alarm can offer you sought-after reassurance when you’re not at home. This is especially true if you opt for a monitoring service that will keep an eye on your property for you when an intruder has been detected.

Keeps costs down

Concerned about the rising costs of home insurance premiums? By installing a burglar alarm system and thereby adding an extra layer of home protection, you can help to reduce these costs. Not to mention, home alarms also vary greatly in price and needn’t cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds. Instead, there are plenty of fantastic home alarm systems below £100 for those on a budget.

Increases the value of your property

Keen to make your property more attractive to prospective buyers before putting it on the market? Burglar alarm installation can help these potential new homeowners to feel safe and secure in the property, encouraging them to envisage themselves and their family living happily there.

Plus, if you opt for a comprehensive and effective burglar alarm system, this will also add to the value of the property.

Creates a safer community

As the sounding of a burglar alarm is designed to attract attention from the inhabitants themselves as well as neighbours, third-party security services, and even the police, the chances of the intruder being caught before they’ve had a chance to flee the scene of the crime are significantly higher.

Not to mention, any passers-by that hears the alarm and has their attention drawn to the property, is also far more likely to see the intruder fleeing from the property. Whether you pair your burglar alarm with CCTV or rely on witness descriptions, a burglar alarm can help you to build a bank of crucial evidence that can then be given to the authorities.

With more evidence to support their investigation, the authorities are more likely to catch and convict the intruder, helping to create a safer community.

How much does it cost to install a burglar alarm system?

According to information supplied by Checkatrade, the average technician hourly rate is £60-£80, while the starting price of a supply and fit, bell-only wired burglar alarm system is £525.

If you prefer a wireless, smart alarm, or CCTV burglar alarm system, however, this figure can increase anywhere between £25-£300.

To learn more about the cost of burglar alarm installation in Stockport and the surrounding areas, feel free to contact the Homefront Electrical team.

Where to find burglar alarm installers

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