Do I need a burglar alarm service?

Time for a burglar alarm service in Stockport?

Choose a team of burglar alarm installers with 30 years of invaluable experience to ensure your system is safe and effective by reaching out to Homefront Electrical today.

While fitting your home or business with a burglar alarm is always a good idea if you want to help deter intruders, it’s only effective if it’s well-maintained. Cue, the importance of a regular burglar alarm service.

Fortunately, the Homefront Electrical team have decades of experience fitting and maintaining burglar alarms across the UK, so we can answer all your burglar alarm service questions.

Keen to find out whether you can service your own burglar alarm system? Or maybe you’d like to learn more about the ideal burglar alarm maintenance schedule? Simply carry on reading for clear answers to a wide range of enquiries.

Can I service a burglar alarm myself?

While there are some burglar alarm tests that you can easily conduct yourself, such as ensuring the sensors are functioning, it’s often best to schedule a more comprehensive annual burglar alarm service, carried out by a professional electrician.

This is because some burglar alarms can develop severe faults that lead to issues like false alarms and constant beeping. More complex burglar alarms, in particular, should be inspected by a professional to ensure the various complex components are fully operational.

At Homefront Electrical, we’ve assembled a team of reliable, experienced, and fully-qualified electricians and electrical installers. We regularly update our qualifications to ensure we abide by any new regulatory changes, ensuring you receive the highest quality service every time.

How often should a burglar alarm be serviced?

For most residential properties, the ideal burglar alarm maintenance schedule is simply an annual inspection. However, for commercial properties that are being monitored by a third-party security company, you may want to consider a burglar alarm service every six months.

A routine burglar alarm service is often carried out on an alarm that isn’t showing any signs of being faulty. If you’re concerned that your burglar alarm isn’t working as it should (before it’s time for the routine service), it’s crucial that you reach out to a qualified electrician and get it professionally serviced as soon as possible.

Waiting until the routine service could leave your home vulnerable to intruders for a long period of time, potentially leading to costly break-ins that you’re not aware of until it’s too late.

Not to mention, with no audible alarm, burglars are less likely to be scared away and caught, meaning your chances of recovering any stolen items and money are much lower.

Why do I need a burglar alarm service?

For all properties, regular burglar alarm servicing and maintenance is essential for preventing issues from developing and therefore combatting unexpected system failures. Issues with your burglar alarm can arise from the battery, sensors, wires, and other components, so a thorough burglar alarm service is crucial.

On top of a regular burglar alarm service being a wise choice for ensuring your property is protected at all times, some properties (often commercial properties with a higher risk level) can benefit in other ways from frequent burglar alarm servicing.

For example, the insurance company insuring your home or business may insist that your property is well-protected with a burglar alarm that’s both supplied and regularly maintained by an NSI (National Security Inspectorate) Gold or Silver approved company.

They may also ask for proof that your burglar alarm has been installed according to the relevant standards. For the insurer, this will provide them with greater reassurance that you’re actively trying to reduce the risk of your property being broken into, helping you to achieve a better insurance policy deal.

How much does a burglar service cost?

If you’re keen to schedule a burglar alarm service, then you’ll want to learn more about the costs. According to Checkatrade, the rough average cost of hiring a professional to conduct a burglar alarm service in the UK is £90.

As a result, if you schedule a burglar alarm service once or twice a year, you shouldn’t be paying more than £180 per year. This annual cost is just a small price to pay for a secure home or business all year-round.

However, it’s important to bear in mind that this ballpark figure for a burglar alarm service is subject to change, especially if inspection of your burglar alarm system requires specialist equipment to access hard-to-reach spaces.

How long does a burglar alarm service take?

Based on the same information provided by Checkatrade, the average timescale for a burglar alarm service in the UK is between 1-3 hours. However, the exact length of the burglar alarm service will naturally vary depending on the complexity of the system as well as the experience and competence of your electrician.

If you’re attempting to carry out your own burglar alarm service, then it may take you longer to complete compared to a professional team who may have more knowledge and access to specialised testing equipment.

Burglar alarm servicing in Stockport and Manchester by Homefront Electrical

Our qualified and highly-knowledgeable electricians carry out countless annual inspections every year, so you can rely on us to help maintain your burglar alarm.

Alongside maintenance, we can also design, supply, fit (according to the latest British Standards and regulations), and repair burglar alarms in both residential and commercial properties, providing a comprehensive service no matter what your needs might be.

Based in the North West of the UK, we’ve fitted and serviced burglar alarms across this area including key locations like Greater Manchester, Stockport, and Cheshire.

Regardless of whether you’d like to schedule a burglar alarm service or you’re eager to learn more about the benefits of routine burglar alarm servicing, please feel free to contact our professional team today.

You can either discuss your requirements directly with a member of our Stockport team by calling us on 0161 989 5671 or sending your enquiry via email to Alternatively, you can also get in touch using our convenient online contact form.

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