What is a police response alarm and do you need one? 

police response alarm

Considering installing a police response alarm, but unsure whether you really need one and what the benefits are compared to other types of intruder alarms? Luckily, the experienced team of alarm installers here at Homefront Electrical can help. We’ve installed a variety of intruder alarms in residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Below, we explore how […]

What are the different types of alarms everyone should have in their home?

a fire alarm just one of many different types of alarms

Looking to learn about different types of alarms and which ones you may perhaps need for your property? Give Homefront Electrical a call today, we can offer you our professional advice on which home alarm system you may require. Keen to protect the people and belongings that matter most to you? With the right alarms […]

How does a Burglar House Alarms Work?

a woman entering an alarm after wondering how do house alarms work

Eagerly searching for an answer to ‘how do house alarms work’ to understand the inner workings of your burglar alarm? Well-versed in the installation of bell only, app-controlled systems, 24/7 remote monitoring centre alarms, and even policed response systems, there’s a wide range of burglar alarms to explore, but how do these systems actually work? […]