How does a Burglar House Alarms Work?

Eagerly searching for an answer to ‘how do house alarms work’ to understand the inner workings of your burglar alarm?

Well-versed in the installation of bell only, app-controlled systems, 24/7 remote monitoring centre alarms, and even policed response systems, there’s a wide range of burglar alarms to explore, but how do these systems actually work?

Fortunately, the experienced team of home alarm installers here at Homefront Electrical can help answer this question as we’ve helped countless clients protect their homes and businesses with an effective burglar alarm system.

Simply carry on reading to discover how these home security systems operate.

How do house alarms work?

While there are many different types of house alarm systems (including wired, wireless, ap-controlled, and policed systems) that communicate in various ways, they tend to detect the presence of intruders using the same method – motion sensors.

Put simply, a motion sensor is a device that detects the movement of objects in its surroundings by sending out energy (in the form of light, microwaves, or sound) and analysing the reflected pattern for changes. If it detects changes (and movement by someone or something has disturbed the pattern), it will send a signal to the house alarm control box.

What can trigger an intruder alarm?

The most obvious trigger for an intruder alarm is, of course, movement. However, intruder alarms can also be triggered unintentionally by a long list of factors such as human error, pets, lack of maintenance, loose connections, low batteries, excessive dust, as well as loose sensors and detectors.

Intruder alarms can also be set off by having an unreliable power source alongside unlocked or loose windows and doors. As door and window motion sensors are designed to detect movement in these areas, any rattling or accidental opening can disrupt the sensor connection and trigger the house alarm.

Regular house alarm maintenance is therefore essential if you want to limit the frequency of false alarms and enjoy peace of mind in your home or business premises. On top of this, you should also ensure key entry points that are being monitored by your alarm system are secure when closed or locked.

House alarm systems with Homefront Electrical

Searching for an expert team of experienced house alarm installers to fit or maintain your burglar alarm in Stockport? Choose Homefront Electrical. Our wide range of house alarm services are designed to give you reassurance, regardless of whether you need a full supply and fit or just an annual inspection to ensure everything is working smoothly.

Operating across the North West of the UK, we’ve installed house alarms in both commercial and residential locations in Greater Manchester, Stockport, and Cheshire. Highly-knowledgeable, friendly, and with over 30 years of experience in this industry, you can rely on the Homefront Electrical team for design, fitting, repair, and maintenance house alarm services.

Plus, every burglar alarm system installed by our team is installed according to the latest British Standards and regulations. If you’re still wondering ‘how do house alarms work’ and want to learn more about which type of intruder alarm could be right for your property, please don’t hesitate to get in touch today by calling us on 0161 989 5671.

You can also get in contact to our home alarm systems team by sending your enquiry via email to or by filling in and submitting our online contact form – we look forward to hearing from you.

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