What is the best Wired Alarm System?

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Regardless of whether you’re searching for a commercial or residential alarm system, a wired alarm system can be a great choice when it comes to protecting your home.

Fortunately, the team of qualified electricians at Homefront Electrical have installed countless wired alarm systems, so we know whether it’s worth investing in these systems.

What is a wired alarm system?

As the name suggests, a wired alarm system is an alarm system that has been hardwired into your property. A wired alarm system can refer to both how the control panel connects to the monitoring centre as well as how the motion sensors communicate with the control panel.

Unlike the wireless alternative, this means every sensor shares a physical wired connection to the control panel. This often extensive network of wires is typically neatly concealed within the walls and flooring of your property to ensure a smart and appealing finish.

It’s worth mentioning that a wired alarm system can also refer to how the equipment is powered. For example, wireless alarm systems are battery-operated, whereas the wired alternative is simply connected to your mains electrical supply via a standard socket in your home.

Are wired alarm systems obsolete?

With the evolution of technology and wireless communications, wired alarm systems have become less popular over the recent years. However, a wired alarm system can still be a suitable choice for some homeowners and business owners as they’re well-known for their reliability and durability.

Not to mention, wired alarm systems tend to be much easier to use – especially for individuals that are less familiar with using new technology and smartphones which are often used to control wireless alarm systems.

Is it still worth having a wired alarm system?

If you value reliability above a quick and easy installation, then you may want to consider a wired alarm system. With a wired alarm system, some of the biggest benefits include the fact that there’s no signal interference and no battery maintenance.

However, it’s important to note that these systems often require professional installation by a qualified electrician (which typically comes at an additional cost). Not only are these installations often more expensive and time-consuming, but they also require cuts to be made into walls and flooring.

Plus, these wired alarm systems are also susceptible to power cuts and aren’t portable. However, it’s worth bearing in mind that every property is different, meaning an alarm system that works wonders for one home won’t work well in another.

As a result, every property should be thoroughly assessed to determine which entry points require monitoring and whether a wired or wireless system would be best. For a professional opinion and help choosing the right alarm system for your home or business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the friendly team of expert electricians at Homefront Electrical today.

What is the best wired alarm system?

Confident that a wired alarm system is a suitable security solution to help protect your property? If so, you’ll want to ensure you pick the best wired alarm system on the market while also taking into account any practical restrictions (such as budget limitations).

Some of the most well-known home security brands such as Yale, Honeywell, and ADT have moved away from wired systems over recent years, making it harder for shoppers to find reliable alternatives to wireless alarm systems. Fortunately, we can help.

Nowadays, some of the best wired alarm systems are manufactured by the likes of Texecom, Scantronic, and Pyronix. To support you with your search, we explore a wired alarm system from each brand in more detail below.

Pyronix EURO-46S Wired Burglar Alarm Kit

If you’re searching for quick and easy programming, choose the Pyronix EURO-46S. This wired alarm system is incredibly intuitive, has an 8-zone control panel, and features an easy-to-use LCD keyboard. Complete with four pet-tolerant PIR sensors, a back-up battery, and two surface contacts, it can meet a wide range of home security requirements.

Priced just under £250, this fully featured burglar alarm kit can provide you with sought-after reassurance without breaking the bank.

Scantronic 9448-95 Burglar Alarm Wired Kit

Available for just over £200, this stylish yet budget-friendly wired alarm kit from Scantronic provides comprehensive cover for homes and businesses alike. Boasting a 7-zone programable control panel, a smart LED integrated keypad, and three compact Bosch PIR sensors, it’s provides the full home security package.

Backed up with reassuring battery support and anti-false alarm features, it’s a well-known and reliable choice.

Texecom Veritas Excel Wired Burglar Alarm Kit

Complete with a fully featured LCD remote keypad, an intuitive menu system, and many programmable functions, this wired burglar alarm system is incredibly user-friendly. Typically retailing for under £200, it’s also an affordable option when it comes to protecting your home.

Featuring four wired PIR sensors, two surface contacts, a back-up battery, and a fully illuminated bell box, this kit has everything you need.

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Our friendly and qualified team of electricians have more than 30 years of combined experience and are fully qualified to design, fit, repair, and maintain a wide range of security systems. Experienced in supplying intruder home alarm systems and also commercial properties, every system we fit installed to the latest British Standards and regulations.

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